If you haven’t been introduced to SCOUTMOB yet, let me introduce you! SCOUTMOB is a brilliant website which showcases intriguing gifts and decor. The goods lean more to the trendy, retro, rustic, hipster styles. Handmade items are available, as well as gifts that can be personalized.  I love this website because the gifts are […]



Several years ago, I participated in The Five Love Languages Test (created by Dr. Gary Chapman). It was no surprise to me that the test showed I “receive” love with gifts, and I “show” love with gift giving. Gifts show thoughtfulness and require effort. They show someone cares about you. Every gift requires some kind […]

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Meet Opal and Ruby

Meet Kristin Packnett, our OPAL, and the brunette. They say those born in October have natural savoir faire-the natural ability to know what to do in any situation. While that might not always be true, I do love the challenge of having the right ideas and answers in every situation! I love to help my […]

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The Big Idea

Welcome to our blog, Opal and Ruby: An Idea Emporium. So what’s the ‘big idea’ for this blog, you may ask? Well, that’s just it! It’s a forum, a stage, if you will, for questions, answers, thoughts, and ideas. By no means do we consider ourselves to be experts! But, without doubt, we do consider […]

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