Merry Christmas, Gems! We are celebrating our fourth Christmas at Opal & Ruby Gift Emporium! Christmas truly is the most wonderful time at our gift store. We are so very aware that you have a choice on where you shop, and we are appreciative of your choice to shop small, and to shop at Opal & Ruby! We try to pick clever gift options for our shoppers. We believe Fort Wayne deserves a fun and considerate gift boutique. So we always have our eyes open for the next best thing! Since I pick out everything in the shop, it’s easy for me to love everything! But, here’s my Wish List this Christmas!

image1 (1)

 Coton Colors Happy Everything Black Stripe Big Platter

I love to entertain. So Coton Colors Happy Everything is a no-brainer for me! The line is functional and decorative at the same time! When you aren’t serving your guests, use a Plate Stand to display your Platter all year round! Or, hang it on a wall! I’m sure you can guess by the ribbon we use at Opal & Ruby Gift Emporium, black and white stripe is kinda my thing! Nothing makes me happier in the line than the Big Platter in my beloved stripes! {Big Platters come with an Attachment; the Big Champagne Attachment accompanies the Black Stripe Platter, as seen here.}

Black Stripe Big Platter


Coton Colors Happy Everything Attachments

Of course if I’m going to get the Big Platter, I need Big Attachments! It’s so fun to change the Attachments, especially for every holiday! The St. Nick Attachment is at the top of my list! How can you resist a face like that?! And, I love the Pineapple! Nothing says welcome like it!

St Nick AttachmentPineapple Attachment


Thymes Frasier Fir Pine Cone Candle

I had no idea how much I enjoyed the scent of Frasier Fir until we started carrying the Thymes candles a few years ago! It’s fresh, yet comforting and inviting. Males and females alike enjoy it. When the Pine Cone Candles arrived this year, I melted just like a candle! How charming they are, equipped with a brass plate. It’s a fragrance that will last throughout the entire winter, not just Christmas.


1canoe2 2018 XL Wall Calendar

Not only do we carry 1canoe2 greeting cards year round, but this time of year, we also carry the XL Wall Calendar. Unique and fascinating paintings by the artists of 1canoe2 made into calendars that are really more like art for your wall. The theme for 2018 is Tiny Things!

2018-tiny-things-xl.jpg         2018 xl 1canoe2 calendar


PANIER DES SENS Almond Body Butter

The Panier des Sens Almond Body Butter is a blend of Shea butter, olive oil and sweet almond extract with a gourmand scent. A super luxurious gift! Made in France, but available for you at Opal & Ruby Gift Emporium!



Wishing you & yours a very Merry Christmas!

Cleverly yours,


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