Merry Christmas! I’m Amy…the newest member of the Opal & Ruby Gift Emporium Team. I have plenty to buy for, including my husband, my daughters and sons-in-law, and my grandchildren! But, today, I’ve got myself in mind. I’ve taken the liberty of making my Wish List…hint, hint family!


Lizzy James

Lizzy James bracelets/necklaces are awesome! What other piece of jewelry can you wear two ways?! A wrap bracelet…a necklace…all in one…how clever! They are casual enough to wear everyday, but also chic enough to dress up an outfit. I so admire the quality craftsmanship of the collection.

Lizzy James Boho three strand

Panier des Sens – Cotton Flower Candle

Panier des Sens is a bath + body line from Provence, France. I love all their fragrances and products, but especially the Cotton Flower scent. I burn the candle at home, and simply adore how it makes the room so inviting. I’m originally from England, and the Cotton Flower aroma reminds me of a crisp winter morning walk through Q Gardens Park!

Panier des Sens Candle

cinda b

To me, you can not go wrong with a bag or an accessory piece from cinda b. I love the wallets, backpacks, and crossbody purses. The bags are well designed and beyond durable. If ever needed, throw them in the washing machine, let them air dry, and the bounce back beautifully. My favorite aspect of cinda b is that they are locally made in Fort Wayne! Before traveling, pick a fun pattern or a sophisticated solid color in a Bowler Bag or a Super Tote! You’ll be glad you did.



Coton Colors Happy Everything

The name says it all…happy everything! The clever design of the functional entertaining pieces helps you celebrate all year long. Each platter, bowl, frame, and vase comes equipped with a piece of velcro, which will hold an Attachment (which also has a piece of velcro). Swap out Attachments for holidays, birthdays, seasons, and celebrations! Brings a bit of happy to every day! I received the Stone Stripe Vase for Mother’s Day, so now I need to add to my collection of Stone Stripe pieces!

Stone Stripe Big Platter

U.S. Apothecary – Elderflower + Vetiver Soap

K. Hall Designs is responsible for many amazing companies, including Barr Co., but I’m very drawn to the U.S. Apothecary line because I’ve fallen in love with the Edlerflower + Vetiver bar soap.  I enjoy traditional bar soap, and the elderflower and vetiver in this soap is soap are relaxing and soothing.

Elderflower Soap

Cleverly yours,







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