Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit

Believe it or not, I am not a professional chef. The word ‘artisan’ would not be associated with my name! I am your typical ‘average Joe’ cook and baker who enjoys working in the kitchen. But, when a friend introduced me to the Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit, I suddenly believed I could bake a […]

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98 Days Until Christmas

The weather is finally cooling off here in Northeast Indiana, and fall is in the air. Which can only mean winter will soon follow, and Christmas will be right around the corner! The ‘planner’ in me rushed to the calendar today to see how many days until Christmas…98 days…the countdown is on! I have a […]

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If you haven’t been introduced to SCOUTMOB yet, let me introduce you!  http://www.scoutmob.com SCOUTMOB is a brilliant website which showcases intriguing gifts and decor. The goods lean more to the trendy, retro, rustic, hipster styles. Handmade items are available, as well as gifts that can be personalized.  I love this website because the gifts are […]