Several years ago, I participated in The Five Love Languages Test (created by Dr. Gary Chapman). It was no surprise to me that the test showed I “receive” love with gifts, and I “show” love with gift giving.

Gifts show thoughtfulness and require effort. They show someone cares about you. Every gift requires some kind of sacrifice, whether it’s money, time, etc. So, great gifts don’t necessarily have to be expensive. 

I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect gift when holidays and celebrations come around! I also love helping friends and family as they plan and execute parties and special events. To me, the love is in the details! 

It’s hard work to be ‘gifted’ as a gift giver and idea generator! But, it is obtainable! You just have to ask a lot of questions, and constantly keep your eyes and ears open! Stop and think about who you are buying or planning for. What did you you buy/plan in the past? What kind of reaction did you receive? What’s currently trending or relevant? What’s your budget? What would you want to receive/attend? What is in the magazines? What is on Pinterest?

And after you have asked yourself these questions, ask others! Interview people in the same age group, gender, demographic…you’re sure to receive some beneficial insight. 

But when all else fails, keep checking the Opal and Ruby blog! 

– Kristin/”Opal”


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